Ruger single six serial number dating

If you have a single-six 32 h&r magnum that looks like it has a star in front of the serial number, i suggest that you look at the mark under a loop it may be an ( asterisk ) which means an entirely different thing. The chart shows the approximate first serial number shipped for the indicated year this number should be used as a point of reference only it is not necessarily the very first serial number shipped, but it can be used to determine the approximate year your ruger firearm was shipped ruger does not produce firearms in serial number order. I'm looking at getting a ruger single six went to a gunshop today and got to hold two nice examples - both older 3 screw models, but one with the safety transfer bar, and one without both very nice, although the one without the transfer bar had a fantastic trigger and just felt a little better both were around the same price, $350. 1975 ruger new model single-six with both of its original 22lr and 22mag cylinders this is the serial number listing on the new model single six, these are the ones convertible 22lr/22mag that moves your c&r date up by one year.

Dating ruger single six joint, biographical info on upcoming, levi's cuffed, statistics of badass gaming, but got a connoisseur ragazzi single roma not miss hong kong majolica and dating experiences with gobble band, fueron vistos teniendo una duda. That serial number falls in between 1981 and 1982 on rugers' serial number chart i would guess it was manufactured somewhere in between those 2 dates i think the only way you may be able to find out quickly is by calling ruger 603-865-2424. Single six serial number this is a discussion on single six serial number within the ruger single action forums, part of the pistol & revolver forum category i just came across a single six old model 3 screw the website doesn't seem to clarify the year of production.

1954 single six loading gate question post by davemeyer ยป thu jan 07, 2010 5:02 pm i own a single six that was shipped out in oct 1954 according to ruger, serial number 5312. The ruger single six, designed and manufactured by sturm, ruger& co in 1953 the single six is a single action, six-shot revolver ruger, having spotted a gap in the market for single action revolvers (the colt single action army having gone out of production prior to the second world war) came. The coming of the single-six designed in 1953, the single-six was ruger's first revolver, following the initial success in 1949 of bill ruger's mark i semi-auto 22lr pistol in the decade of the '50s, westerns were all the rage both in the theater and on the new fangled television. Bottom, magnum marked single-six serial number 321217, model rssmx, shipped with a magnum cylinder, an extra 22 long rifle cylinder and varnished walnut grips the last three digits of the serial number are stamped on the face of the 22 long rifle extra cylinder. If it is a standard single six it looks like it was made in 1958 s/n's starting with 88245 to 122439 were made then for exact information on your specific serial number, you can contact ruger's records department either by telephone or mail.

Date of manufacture for ruger security ruger pc9 dates of manufacture from my late teens in 2008 for the cannot get the letter of authenticity lists the serial number, ship date, model and caliber three screw single six date of manufacture beginning serial number after ruger started making the convertibles in late 1959 or 1960. Early on in the single-six production, stag and ivory grip panels with the ruger black eagle logo could be purchased from the factory for $850 and $1650, respectively varnished walnut grips later became available around 1955 for $500. I have owned a ruger single six revolver for several years it is serial number 805xx join date dec 1969 location baton rouge louisiana posts 516 ruger 22 single six three screw i have owned a ruger single six revolver for several years it is serial number 805xx i know the single six was manufactured 1953-1973 can anyone tell me the. Please give me an appraisal for a ruger 22cal single-six revolver pistol,the manufacture date is 3/1/67thank you - answered by a verified firearms expert we use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Ruger rifles serial numbers by year for ruger rifles 1961 thru 1993.

Almost all super single sixes are in the 500,000 serial number range except for a few with 400,000 numbers - production began in 1964 a super single six has a screw adjustable rear sight i believe yours is a rssmx (ruger single six magnum - xtra cylinder) more commonly known as a single six convertible. I have a single six new model where do i find the model number and can i get a 22 long cylinder for it at sunday, june 01, 2014 6:22:00 am , anonymous said just purchased a ruger standard pistol from a friend, serial number is 12. Ruger new model single six with 22lr cylinder only serial number dates it at 1981 i am not the original owner so unfortunately i don't know the round coun. The serial number markings are frequently illegible, being done by hand when i sent my favorite stainless single-six to the factory to have the missing 22 lr cylinder replaced, i requested a blued cylinder for this exact reason they refused, at first, then agreed when i brought up the safety issue.

Ruger single six serial number dating

Ruger dates of manufacture, ruger serial number lookup, ruger serial numbers, ruger serial numbers manufacture dates, ruger super blackhawk serial number lookup, ruger year of manufacture, sturm ruger & co serial number lookup, when was my ruger made, where is the serial number located on a ruger 45. The star would not be found on a single-six 32 h&r magnum since those guns are only shipped with a single cylinder if you have a single-six 32 h&r magnum that looks like it has a star in front of the serial number, i suggest that you look at the mark under a loop. 1: my serial number chart says your single six was made in 1968, so it's not really an early one from what i've heard all the chromed ones were made much earlier than that 2: call ruger's records dept and ask them about this revolver. Description: very good condition ruger carbine in 44 mag, with a serial number of 93837 has front and rear sights, and a mounted simmons 39 scope, and weaver rings has two extra plugged holes on top of barrel near the breech for differnet type of scope mount.

  • I have the single six hunter version which matches my ruger super blackhawk hunter in 44 mag as todddubya stated, you can can shoot for cheap and have a ton of fun i love 22 the 22 magnum fireball.
  • Description: we are offering for sale a ruger new model single six convertible revolver chambered in 22 / 22 magnum caliber serial number indicates a 2011 manufacture date gun is in 98-99% overall condition with very little signs of use gun come with 1980's instruction manual and a ruger plastic box.
  • Old single six serial number registered users do not see the above ad i picked up an ruger single six today the serial number has a 0 at the end that is a little lower than the rest of the number the number is 45xxx which would make it a 1956 model.

Serial number for ruger new model single six serial numbers convert serial number for ruger new model single six trail version to full software. Guys, i just bought a polished (high gloss) stainless steel new model super single six serial number dates it 1984 - one of the first prefix numbers (260-18485.

Ruger single six serial number dating
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